What were you doing when 2020 arrived?

I hope that you were having a wonderful night, surrounded by people you love and care (And I wish your outfit was the best.) What about your New Year’s resolutions? They come in so many forms and they’re as difficult or as easy as you want. Today, I want to share my New Year’s resolutions, to inspire you to achieve what you really want to do this year. Doesn’t matter if what you have planned seems like a little change or if it sounds like it’d take you all 2020. It isn’t a race against anyone but you!

More exercise!

Classics never get old and having a strong and healthy body is something that we all should seek. Last year I spent a lot of time going to the gym, even when I was traveling for business or due to vacations. Doing exercise makes me feel super good!

So, keep going to the gym is one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Less of these, more of those.

But going to the gym isn’t enough, you know? That’s why I also want to eat better. Sometimes, while traveling, is a little bit difficult not to surrender to your primitive desires, like eating a big hamburger with fries and a milkshake. It’s delicious! And maybe not the best option. I’m not quitting on all that food we love, but I’d like to avoid it if possible.

TOP SECRET! (For a little bit more time).

I love my brother and we’ve been working together in something new since… I’m not sure. A long time. We’ve been building our secret project with love and effort. Finally, this year the next step in our travel will see the light and I’m so excited for you to know what it is!

Family time.

I’m a busy woman. Working takes almost all my time. But I’m also a mother and a wife and a human, so I can’t be all the time attached to the office, to the phone, to the computer and all that stuff that comes with a job. So this year I’m planning to share more time with my family. I don’t know, maybe a trip all together, forgetting about everything else? That sounds suitable.

Also, a healthy mind.

I’m chasing the healthy body and I’m also hoping for a healthy mind. Meditation is now part of my schedule. All days. That’s a time for me! This 2020, I’ll get to know myself better.