Our skin, like any organ in our body, suffers the effects of a night out. This is why it is so important to have a special skincare routine to help you recover the next day.

The week we said goodbye to 2021 and celebrated the arrival of a new year. If you decided to go out like I did, you most likely wore a lot of makeup (that made you look spectacular) and had a glass (or two) of champagne. Usually, when I come home from a night out, I follow a simple skincare routine. First I remove my makeup, then, I clean my skin, and lastly, I hydrate with a moisturizing cream which I maximize with toner. This skincare routine is easy and brief but effective, and it’s great when all you want to do is jump into bed.

But the day after a night out, I do a skincare routine focused on hydrating and restoring lost nutrients. This routine is a must after any evening out as it helps my skin regain its natural glow and look healthier and rested almost immediately.

This post night-out skincare routine has 6 easy steps. Each one is focused on hydrating and eliminating toxins from the skin after drinking.

  1. Cleanse and exfoliate

After any night out, you must cleanse your skin very well. I recommend using a cleanser that is also a light exfoliator to remove all impurities from the skin. This step helps you clean out your pores and remove dead cells and will result in your skin feeling smoother, fresher, and more awake.

  1. Get rid of toxins 

After you have washed your face, I recommend using a clay, mud, or charcoal mask. This will help remove the toxins and excess oil from your skin. It will give you cleaner skin and prevent you from getting breakouts from the alcohol.

  1. Increase circulation 

The next step is to increase the circulation in your skin. You can do a Face Yoga routine or use a roller or a cold jade Gua Sha. This will help reduce the redness and swelling of the skin and face. Massage your skin gently to increase oxygenation and circulation.

  1. Refresh and renew

The next step is to apply a serum that helps you recover the nutrients that your skin needs. I recommend a serum with Vitamin C or seaweed to hydrate and reduce redness. Serums with these types of ingredients help you to recover the natural glow of your skin, which will give you a healthier and more rested appearance.

  1. Relax and hydrate

Finally, apply a moisturizing cream or gel that helps you seal in all the nutrients and vitamins of the serum. To get back all that hydration that was lost the night before, look for a product that deeply hydrates your skin but also contains vitamins and antioxidants to help your complexion.

  1. Drink a lot of water

This last step is key. You must stay hydrated throughout the day. Normally, you should consume 3 liters of water, but after a night of partying, increase consumption. In addition to water, you also drink electrolytes to help your body regain fluids lost in your body and skin.

This 6-step routine helps you return your skin to its healthy, normal state. The ingredients we recommend generally do not have any side effects on any type of skin, but, as I always say when we talk about skin care routines, you should consult your dermatologist before using and applying any new products.



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