The duality of Prada, creates a new language that breaks all the rules of how women dress. Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada present a new era of transformation in womenswear.

Prada has always been characterized by reinvention, creating something new and being iconoclasts by bringing the future closer. This has always been achieved through the use of unconventional materials or new ways to create clothes. Today we were able to see Prada at their best. 

The inspiration for Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons was duality and transformation. A reflection of human nature and our own duality, our capability to evolve and adapt. We see this concept reflected in the idea of how simplicity of the clothes gives way to complexity through the styling, the layering and the juxtaposition of the prints within each look.

I love how the big nylon jackets became bubbles of protection to the fragile body of the model covered by the jacquard-knit bodysuits in bright colors, as if they were special aquamarine creatures in an aquarium. I love how in a way, this represents the creative minds behind the label, Raf’s minimalism clashes with Miuccia’s modernism to give us this collection of beautiful designed garments.

In the collection we can see that the way materials transformed has shifted, including unconventional elements like metallic paillettes and bright colors into everyday coats with oversize silhouettes; my personal favorite was the closing look in shiny dark blue; or transform evening gowns pairing them with knitwear undergarments. Simply creating a new language for the clothes to speak through and us as listeners fell in love with.

I can say that this has become one of the most rewarding shows to experience, the way the designers presented not only wearable clothes but also invested in the process behind their creation makes Prada the ultimate pioneer of design. The faux fur coats, the bright shades of blue and yellow or the jacquard prints plus the classic black, make this collection a statement of where fashion is evolving.

We as costumers may be looking for comfort and durability in garments and we saw such a dress, achieved by new materials as presented by Prada today, but at the same time we are looking for glam and extra in our everyday clothes, such as a faux fur cape with bubble gum pin paillettes.

Prada has said today, there are no rules that cannot be broken, and I can just say thank you Raf and Miuccia!