This was another collection focused on going back to the essentials, the brand’s core, and as the other brands have done during this Couture Season, Alexandre Vauthier’s return to the brand’s core is translated into pieces of undiluted beauty and exhuberance.

In its short film we can see the models on the street, or on a club, shots alternating between Paris and the Hamptons, a rock chic vibe mixed with freedom, evident. The palette of black, blazing pink, green, purple and gold that gave the whole collection a certain air of eccentricity. The collection had 24 looks with feathers, ruffles, sparkles, sequins and vibrant colors everywhere.

I thought this collection was made to celebrate and dance all night, maybe with a little reminiscing from the 80’s. “It was great to see that things were possible despite an extreme situation. I didn’t want to leave anyone [on my team] behind, and I also needed to dream.” Said Vauthier, and I guess we all can identify with that need to dream and explore new possibilities and keep creating at the same time.

My two favorite looks were these ones:

With this bold purple dress I’m sure I’d party all night long feeling free and pretty and with the other look I can see myself walking through Paris again, it’s so ad hoc! What about you? What looks would you choose from this collection and where would you wear them?