A skincare routine is essential to maintaining a healthy complexion. But sometimes when we travel, it is difficult to carry all our products with us, so an on-the-go routine is a must.

Due to changes in the weather and low temperatures, our skin tends to pay the price. Cold temps can cause redness, irritation, and dryness, so it’s important to take care of your skin when you hit the slopes. You have to adapt your regular skincare routine and include products that reduce the effects of cold on the skin. And, remember that when you’re traveling, it can be difficult to carry your whole beauty kit with you, so try to simplify the steps of your routine and add products that will keep your complexion radiant during the trip.

This routine is not my normal one but the one I do when I travel to a place where there will be low temps. It’s a shorter version of my regular routine and it works for me especially when traveling to cold climates. As you know, I love ski destinations (I almost always travel to Vail, but I just spend few days in the beautiful town of Big Sky in Montana). Here are the steps of my cold-weather travel skincare routine.

Rebalancing Toner from Rejuran.

This toner helps us gently exfoliate to remove impurities and pollution from our skin. Among its ingredients, you’ll find tea tree oil, which helps us reduce inflammation, calm redness, and refresh the skin. After applying it, your skin will feel smooth, soft, and healthy.

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Glow Bi-Phase Ampoules from Babor.

These concentrated Vitamin C ampoules help us to recover the natural glow of our skin. They help reduce hyperpigmentation and increase the elasticity of the epidermis. Rub the serum on your hands and pat it on the surface of your face and neck.

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C.E.O Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil from Sunday Riley.

This oil helps us get hydrated, radiant, and healthy skin. Ingredients like Vitamin C, turmeric and evening primrose oil make it a product that helps reduce blemishes, dryness, and dull skin. Apply three drops of oil to the face and neck area, then with a cold Gua Sha, massage until absorbed.

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The Serum from EviDenS de Beauté.

This hydrating, anti-aging serum helps us make our skin look young, healthy, and moisturized. The combination of ingredients allows it to be absorbed immediately into the skin. Apply the serum to your face, let it sit for 3 minutes, and then massage until all the product is absorbed.

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Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 from SkinCeuticals.

This anti-aging cream contains 2% ceramides, 4% cholesterol, and 2% omega fatty acids, which helps us reduce dryness, increase softness, and restore luminosity. This cream restores the natural barriers of the epidermis, which reinforces and increases the speed of recovery of the skin.

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Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 from SkinCeuticals.

This colorless sunscreen, thanks to the zinc oxide, doesn’t leave white residue on the skin. This SPF 50 sunscreen is waterproof and gives us a radiant skin. Ingredients such as titanium dioxide and Artemia salina improve protection against UV rays.

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Aesthetic BB Cream from Troiareuke.

This BB Cream is wonderful. It protects the skin from the sun and serves as foundation. When applied, it helps create uniformity on the skin. The lightweight formula allows the skin to breathe and not feel heavy. Formula H, with Panthenol and Centella Asiatica extracts, soothes and refreshes the skin and is hypoallergenic.

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O-Bloos Rosi Glow Drops from Drunk Elephant.

This product will give you a unique pink glow on the cheeks. In addition, its ingredients help protect you from free radicals. Its combination of omega oils and fatty acids keep the skin soft. This product is the perfect mix between makeup and skin care as it also moisturizes and nourishes our skin.

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Dior Backstage Face & Body Powder-No-Powder from Dior.

This powder is one of the best tools for achieving a natural makeup look. You can use it to create a bronzing effect or contour the face. It comes in 10 different shades that adapt to any skin type, so it’s without a doubt, a must for any makeup kit.

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Voluminous Butterfly Waterproof Mascara from L’Oréal.

When wearing very light and natural-looking makeup, I like to go for some wow factor to take the look to the next level! I love to highlight my eyes by giving volume and punch to my eyelashes with mascara. This is the best mascara for getting that desired length that frames your eyes naturally and without clumping.

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