Today Sophie Delafontaine’s exploration and creativity brought Longchamp back to its roots. The French label presented the quintessential Parisian style.

Longchamp DNA is completely linked to the easygoing and effortlessly elegant of what is normally called Parisien Chic. That allure that every French girl has, of looking the most elegant and making it look easy while doing so. On the other side we have all the equestrian heritage that Longchamp possesses. It is embedded in the deepest of their roots. While these characteristics have always been present on their collections, for Fall 2021, Sophie has decided to go all the way in and showcase it in the most Parisian way possible, making a truly Longchamp collection.

“I drew inspiration from the iconic Longchamp racehorse logo and the work of the French interior designer Pierre Paulin”, the Creative Director said when asked about the spark that lit the creative fuse for the collection. 

Mica Arganaraz in a black safari jacket over a red turtleneck paired with white shorts and the famous black rain boots. The first look that Sophie sent down the Battesti riding hall in Paris, foreshadows the whole mood for the entire collection. That look is equestrian and Parisian at its best, comfortable, elegant and effortless. All qualities that have become synonym with the brand.

Leather, cashmere, shearling, denim, suede and corduroy, all combined and transformed into different garments that created a layered collection full of textures. A classic French palette of colors with just a pop of color make every piece of clothing a timeless and elegant addition to our closets. I got my eye on the peanut shade coat with leather accents, I love that whole outfit! Perfect for fall in a warm city such as Miami.

As for the accessories, we can’t talk about Longchamp without talking about their bags. And we saw the house’s icons totally rejuvenated. We still saw the Brioche bag, presented last season, but in new materials such as denim and faux shearling or in bright colors which quilting is a clear reference to Pierre Paulin. Le Pliage, the most popular bag in the brand’s repertoire, appeared down the catwalk in padded lambskin in its classic shape and backpack. We also saw the Roseau bag combined with an acetate toggle and chain and the return of one of the classics: the Le Foulonné bag. And now, on to the shoes, we saw a wide variety of options, something I am thankful for, but my favorite ones are the bright pink leather knee high boots and the white loafers embellished with an oversized chain. Simply fabulous!

It is clearly that just like a Parisian girl who decided to travel the world and then returns home to fully embrace their roots, Longchamp has decided to come back from their stay in the States and champion its heritage… but with a more irreverent and playful point of view.