The events of these past week have been filled with worldwide protests against racial injustice and police brutality after George Floyd’s death. I’ve been trying to process the shock and sadness this news brought on, I’ve been trying to find the right words to express the thoughts and feelings the death of this innocent man and countless others has left. Like many others, I haven’t experienced the fear many black people go through every day, I’ve never have to worry about explaining my children what they should do in case they get detained by the police, however is heartbreaking to know that someday I’m going to have to explain to them racism and how it’s possible that some human beings can treat other human beings with such disdain and cruelty.

I could keep talking about the injustice of all this, however, I don’t want to contribute to generate more violence and hate. Like many others, I want a different world for my kids as there is more than enough hate in this world as it is, and I know that I want to do whatever I can to be a part of that change we so much need! 

After much thinking about how I could actively contribute, I realized that Black voices have been silenced for a long time in a lot of our society’s aspects, so I decided to make a little research about what I’m passionate about: fashion and beauty , and share with you the Black-owned brands we can support, because I think that besides educating ourselves about racism, we can look at where we spend our money and I think right now there are a lot of very talented Black designers whose high-end fashion, sustainable clothing and products need to be highlighted:

LAQUAN SMITH. He made his NYFW debut at 21 and is a risk-taking high fashion designer with an equal high profile clientele. @laquan_smith

CHRISTOPHER JOHN ROGERS. The Washington Post said “His work is boisterous, deafening and dramatic. Sometimes it’s extraordinarily, proudly gaudy. He is the fashion industry’s latest obsession” and has some gorgeous pieces! @christopherjhonrogers

UNDRA CELESTE. Founded by Undra Duncan, is a brand for modern women that highlights women’s bodies beautifully. @undracelestenewyork

CUSHNIE. Cushnie is a New York-based label run by Carly Cushnie t can easily be described as a red-carpet favourite, but the label is also one to bookmark for elegant day-to-day pieces including silky bodies, midi dresses, sharp blazers and chic jumpsuits. @cushnie

OFF WHITE. Is an Italian luxury fashion label, very sophisticated in its streetwear way. @off____white

BENEATH YOUR MASK. After Dana Jackson, Founder of Beneath your Mask was diagnosed with and battled a severe form of Lupus, she looked for a product to help repair the damage done to skin and hair. She found only products that contained harsh chemicals, sytntheic fragrances and harmful toxins. She was inspired to create safe, non-irritating products that would not challenge the immune system and created products for herself made from the most potent, organic and wild-harvested botanicals available. @beneathyourmask

LAUREN NAPIER BEAUTY. Lauren Napier makes facial cleansing wipes with a difference – each comes in an individual sachet that’s perfect on-the-go and won’t dry out. Available in sets of three to 50, these disposable sheets have a textured finish and are enriched with soothing Aloe and Cucumber to calm and refresh your skin. @laurennapierbeauty

I think these are times where solidarity an empathy are in high need and we all as human beings, need to do better, but I’m an optimistic at heart and I’m sure we’ll get through these stronger than ever.


Sira Pevida