Whether a basketball game, tennis match, or soccer final, all of us that have had the opportunity to go to some kind of stadium to watch a sporting event know that in the instant that we see our team make a goal or take the perfect shot, the sense of euphoria we feel is something truly special. 

This same sense of euphoria is what I felt when I watched the digital Hugo Boss launch. Today, Gotham Hall in NYC was transformed into a giant locker room and the star players were dressed from head to toe in Boss X Russell Athletic, the latest from these two fashion giants. 

At the center of the basketball court, we had some familiar faces—the likes of Bella Hadid and Ashley Graham accompanied by Lucky Blue Smith and dancing along to “Jump Around” with Taylor Hill, Keith Powers, and Miles Richie. It was an ecstatic show that made anyone watching it just want to get up and move. 

This collection combines the sporty spirit that defines Russell Athletic and the sartorial expertise of the German brand Hugo Boss, and the final result is a perfect mix of simple but eye-catching pieces that make us feel more like the winning team than a fan in the stands. The collection is comprised of 30 unisex pieces: blazers, dress pants, shorts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, joggers, and more. Without a doubt, this collection represents the needs of society, one in which comfort and functionality are key and gender does not define who gets to wear what. 

I fell in love with the comfort of this line. This is something we haven’t seen from Hugo Boss yet, and the masterful versatility of the brand has brought something unique and new to sportswear. My favorite look from the collection was the one Bella Hadid was wearing: a combination of a blazer over a sports bra, paired with tailored shorts, and finished off with sneakers and high socks. Pure perfection. 

The days when Hugo Boss was just a great sartorial brand are over. Their new collections, starting with the capsule collection for the NBA and now this collaboration with the iconic sportswear brand Russell Athletic, have given us a “just enjoy life” kind of philosophy. 

After watching this fashion show, I wanted to run out to the basketball court, get my head in the game, and win…that is, so long as my team’s uniform was white and pink and from Boss X Russell Athletic. Oh, and some hip-hop in the background would be perfect, too. 



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