This Texan designer presented one of NYFW’s most vibrant and energetic collections. Brandon Maxwell’s signature elegance was transformed into Californian glamour.

One of the brightest lights of the new wave of American fashion, Brandon Maxwell, has managed, in just 6 years, to position his eponymous brand as a favorite of among different celebrities. He has dressed Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Meghan Markle, Oprah, and Blake Lively. His designs can be adapted to any woman and enhance her natural beauty; his clothing becomes an extension of a woman.

Originally from Longview, Texas, Maxwell grew up surrounded by women, giving him the ability to understand female needs and bodies and create perfectly crafted garments from the highest quality materials. Maxwell does not seek to be a designer who follows trends; for him the important thing is creating clothes that celebrate and empower women. “I’m just trying to give women a quality piece of clothing. I want to be the place that they go to every season and get those essential things that they need, that have a little bit of an edge” And that is what his brand has become: a celebration of women through custom-made creations–iconic pieces that  are unique as the women who wear them.

His collections have always won the hearts of the industry. His first show, in which he presented his Spring 2016 collection, was pure poetry in black-and-white tones. Throughout the 15 collections that the designer has created, we have seen his creative evolution, but his core brand DNA always stays the same. On every runway, there is that feel of an elegant, chic woman—someone who reminds us of the Halstonettes—a group of perfect, unattainable, self-confident women of incomparable brilliance. (A fun fact about Brandon Maxwell is that he’s often been compared to Halston because of the aura of glamor and mysticism that surrounds him). For this new Spring ’22 collection,  his muse travels to the West Coast of the United States, adopting a very Californian vibe.

The designer’s collection for this season is a celebration, or–as the name says–a“Refresh”– a new beginning full of optimism. We saw the designer’s characteristic seventies and disco-era elements in metallic tones, glittery skirts, and sequins. There were vaporous silhouettes and garments that hugged the models’ natural curves. The designer’s expertise in the world of styling shone out once again; each of his looks was perfectly thought out and all the details were curatd with a critical, exacting eye. I loved seeing the layering of each of his outfits, each taking on different dimensions through a mix of patterns, textures, and hues.

This collection from Brandon Maxwell, in my opinion,  is an invitation to take a psychedelic trip. Elements like knit sweaters with mushroom graphics, tie-dye dresses, and pop-art print skirts are references to mend-bending trips where colors come to life, creating new beings whose meanings are deeper than what we can see with the naked eye.

“I wanted to do something that felt authentic” said the designer of this collection. Seeing each of the looks was a breath of fresh air, and this really impressed me. I felt like I was seeing something totally new from Maxwell’s mind. Yes, we saw his classic pleats, feathered garments and silhouettes with incredible movement, but this time the vibe was different. We moved away from that East Coast /Old Money aesthetic towards a more irreverent and relaxed world. Unlike his first collection in 2015, where black-and-white hues reigned, this show was a kaleidoscopic explosion of colors. Brandon Maxwell showed us that he is capable of pushing forward and reaching new levels of creativity without losing the elegance and glamour that are so central to his brand.



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