The first show of the day today, was Chanel, a show I was kind of impatient to see and I must tell you that it went beyond my expectations. “I was thinking about a punk princesscoming out of ‘Le Palace’ at dawn,” said Virginie Viard, and what a way to accomplish her vision! Le Palace was the Studio 54 of Paris, a nightclub where big personalities like Mick Jagger, Jean Paul Gaultier, Grace Jones and Andy Warhol among many others, partied all night from 1978 to 1983. 

And the result was an outstanding collection, opulent, vibrant, sophisticated and unapologetical, full of fancy dress parties, high jewelry and simply spectacular shoes. As Virginie Viard said, this was a collection inspired by the iconic Karl Lagerfeld  and you can’t help but think about him when seeing the deeply textured and colorful tweeds and the big and bold retro looks.

The collection was presented in a very short and bold video that captures essentially five looks shot on just two models, although the whole collection is of 30 looks, and I was completely fascinated by the pieces shown, because it wasn’t just the perfectly crafted pieces, but a combination of accessories like shoes and high jewelry that created an experience completely hypnotizing where I couldn’t help but think about a party…. and all the parties I’d love to attend with more than two of the pieces I saw in the show.

As difficult as it was for me, my absolute favorite look were this two:

This dress was completely gorgeous! Elegant, sophisticated, the kind of dress that turns you into a punk princess (as intended) immediately and without effort. And can we please talk about the absolute perfection of the shoes of the second look? Definitively this was a collection very much expected and completely loved once I saw it! Which one was your favorite look? I’d love to know what all of you think about this show.