Today is the day. The Paris Fashion Week has come to an end. Tuesday was full of surprises and Chanel was one of my favorites.

As everybody remembers, Karl Lagerfeld passed away this February and we all were expecting who would be the new Creative Director of Chanel. Virginie Viard was everything but disappointing. She manages to keep the kaiser’s essence and shows hers without hesitation.

Let me begin with the venue: you can feel Karl’s touch on it. He used to choice extravagant locations for his shows, like train stations or galleries. Today, for her third Chanel’s collection, Virginie took us to a Parisian rooftop, and everything was perfectly settled.

This collection embodies a free spirit and displays independence, being red the main protagonist. Checkered and line patterns are everywhere: on jackets and pleated skirts, on shirts and trousers and mini-shorts, the same as layers.

This time, we saw only one bag per model, something completely different to what we used to see with Karl. Other patterns that surprised me, appeared in the form of a city landscape: black, white and red drawing an urbanistic space on the dress, blending in perfect harmony with a more town-ish, homelike design.

And to close the details of the day, we saw a committed person today: Gigi Hadid, who stopped, a French YouTuber who doesn’t worth to mention her name, that tried to sneak into the catwalk. Wich seems to me totally unrespectful because everybody knows how stressful but as well passionate is to have every detail perfect for the Fashion Week shows.

Photos by Jason-lloyd Evans and Hatnim Lee.