The Piazza Duomo at Lecce became the perfect scenario for Dior Cruise 2021 virtual show and let me tell you that although this was the first time Dior made this show digitally, it was wonderful nonetheless! This time Maria Grazia Chiuri decided to get her inspiration from the “savoir-faire” so typical from Puglia, the region where his father was born, and I think we all can agree that it’s clear how much it has influenced her.

One of the things I liked the most is Dior’s commitment and support to all the local artists, which I think it’s invaluable specially during these times as they have been affected by what’s happening worldwide and in this way, all those artists and artisans can show the world their works, as their designs were the soul of this show and we were able to witness a genuine and unique proposal. 

The models walked the catwalk along dancers and were accompanied also by a live orchestra and colored lights, which created a very unique ambience so characteristic of Dior. I’m sure the 20 million spectators were as marveled by such a show just as I was!

There were 90 looks in the whole collection and the main characteristic was the blurred line between haute couture and local and artisanal pieces: dresses with aprons, raw fabric fringed skirts, draped pieces, unstructured dresses, and hand knitted sweaters; hair accessories as headbands, and leather sandals and some boots. The color palette was basically earth colors, whites, blacks, nudes and raw colors. My favorite accessories were the leather corsets!

I loved the feminine silhouettes from this collection, they were soft and focused in framing the female figure through corsets, wide belts and transparencies. Without a doubt it’s clear the care, dedication, love and effort behind this collection and as usually, Dior didn’t disappoint with great pieces and an absolute astounding show I enjoyed so much! Were any of you able to see it too? What do you think about it?



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