Did you see Dior Cruise 2021 show today? If you did, don’t you think it was gorgeous? And if you didn’t, I really recommend you to do exactly that, because it’s so worth it! Of course, due to the pandemic we’re going through, it was held behind doors, but that didn’t make it any less spectacular.

The venue for this event was the Piazza del Duomo in Lecce, an Italian city from the Puglia region. Lecce is known as “The Florence of the South” because of its amazing baroque architectural monuments, and Dior’s show was held in the plaza of the city’s cathedral, so you can say it was held in one of the most prominent places in the City. If you see the show, you can realize the enormous amount of dedication that was required to present such an event.

For me, this event was foremost a celebration: first of all, a celebration of women as is Dior’s way, of community and of traditions, and proof of that was the mesmerizing pizzica dance, that is an ancient tradition in the Puglia region and has always been considered a way to celebrate family and social festivities (yes, I made my research!) and regarding women dancing the pizzica, Dior wanted to show a woman “who is at ease in the world and knows how to put everyone around her at ease too”

And we saw all the models in the catwalk intertwining with the dancers, with very colorful pieces, long and bohemian dresses, shirts, romantic blouses, light shorts and outstanding blazers. Of course, we could also see pieces in black and white as they couldn’t be missing from the collection, from lace dresses to a classical suit. Flawless accessories including Dior’s Bobby Bag, and what can I even say about the shoes and boots?

All in all, I absolutely loved the show, it was exciting and vibrant and magical and besides showcasing gorgeous pieces, Dior was able to convey a sense of community and celebration with this show, and let me tell you that is not an easy accomplishment, especially when your audience is watching you via stream! So I think it’s important to recognize Dior’s care in every little detail and its willingness to keep moving forward in this new way of living amidst a pandemic, paying extra attention in celebrating the simple fact that we are here.

If you want to live the experience here’s the full show!



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