I really believe that inside every woman lives a goddess, ready to surpass every obstacle in life. And as women, we really must be strong and walk with our heads up, because the world needs to understand that we’re not gonna let anyone make us feel less than what we really are.

Maria Grazia Chiuri understands this and that’s why she enjoys reminding us, every new season, that we should all be feminist. And Haute Couture Spring Summer 2020 wasn’t the exception to her battle.

Imagine my emotion while I was entering the show and my eyes stopped on the banners hanging from the ceiling, with questions about women and our society. It was so exciting! Judy Chicago did an excellent work challenging us with her art. 

“What if women ruled the world?” was the perfect companion for the collection, presented inside “The Female Divine”, an installation made by Judy that represents a goddess. And inside a goddess were more deities, because that’s what we saw on the catwalk. Models with proud expressions wearing clothes as if they were liquid metal: gold, silver, bronze.

The reminiscence of past cultures was obvious and praised, and the reinterpretation was beautiful. The symbolism within every object was precise. For example, earrings with moons, a feminine figure for excellence.

With the powerful, yet comfortable pieces, Dior created a temple for our bodies, in the form of dresses in vaporous fabrics, ears of wheat embodied in all the collection as the key motif, the “Bar” jacket reinvented in metallic colors or gowns with bold and delicate traceries.

Maria Grazia created the perfect collection for the modern day woman. Wearing her designs is easy to remember the goddess that lives inside each one of us and we get to feel empowered and ready for everything that comes our way.

I simply loved it! 

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