After some amazing collections and shows during Milano’s Fashion Week, today I had the opportunity of seeing the show of one of the brands closest to my heart and one that I was so excited to see: Dior. And let me tell you, it was absolutely impressive.

What was noticed immediately was the choir’s voices that went completely in accordance with the venue that was set as an old cathedral, with huge bay windows where you could see vibrant collages of images, from renaissance paintings to pop culture’s images and fashion shots, mixing flawlessly the classical with the ongoing tendencies. The set was designed by Lucia Marcucci, and was completely gorgeous. Words from the collages, the choir and the chorists’ dresses intermingled creating many different conversations happening all at the same time. Who said fashion is not art?

For this collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri showcased amazing pieces that achieved looking fashionable and comforting at the same time, with a very bohemian feeling, specially with the head bands that I absolutely adored, specially combined with those big golden earrings. With a very earth-colored based palette and splashes of other colors (the blues were so beautiful),  we saw long skirts and dresses with transparent fabrics that allowed legs to be the main center of the look in a very veiled but noticeable way, nonetheless.

(Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images)

Flowing fabrics and floral patterns, tunics, kaftans (and what can be more comfortable than a kaftan?), linens and knitted cloth gave the whole collection an exotic vibe. We kept seeing the almost-bare-skin trend with soft materials that are an invitation to be touched. There were also some tie-dyed pieces that looked stunning, specially in coats, so it seems tie dye is not going anywhere for next spring. I also loved the tote bags and sandals showcased

Definitely there are pieces that I want for myself, and it seems that the only problem is that there are too many options for me to choose! So here are the ones that were my favorites, which pieces were your favorite ones?



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