Where do I start? Day – Afternoon – Night
“Loving her was like shaking hands with the devil” was the first thing came to mind when the first looks appeared. A voice describing the garments, that was the “soundtrack” of the collection, it was a wink to the past and how designers used to present their clothes, i ́m not even sure if “runway” was a thing back then.

Head to toe black and white menʼs tailoring it was what the models wore first, decorated with pins that usually mens used to wear and im actually glad they came back, stand out over the monochromatic looks like the rest little bright details; hair clips, brooches, the golden reflective contour from the clutch bags that turned to red with the red velvet floor.

The black and white menʼs tailoring begin to turned into penguin tail suit and high cup hats looks, it was like they were about to introduce an orchestra or something bigger and suddenly an eccentric upside down metal hair bow appeared at the head of the models and underneath a babydoll in pastel colors that anyone would love to sleep in.

From black and white, to baby doll pajama party, to leopard, to once again black and white, to flowers, to colorful monochromatic looks, to art deco fashion design illustration motives, to wedding dresses, to sequined golden, to a disco era like section and head ornaments of every kind: feathers, pearls, high cup hats, wide brimmed hats, bibis, berets, gangsta hats, fedoras and art deco ornaments, this collection was a multi everything, signatured looks from Dolce and Gabbana.

At the colorful monochromatic section one look caught my eye; the emerald mineral framed sunglasses art deco look it was like looking at poison ivy with a felt fabric ornament on her head that some way also reminded me to medusa and she was covering her eyes to not turned you in stone, even the shoes were made or at least they seemed like the mineral framed sunglasses.

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