It’s a collection based on feeling self-confidence where innovation is found in the combination of pieces and a mix of materials. I like the way he transformed the classical tailored suit combining it with satin baggy pants and vice versa. He also added sweatshirts under suit jackets as well as unbuttoned shirts to give it a casual, but elegant look.

Apart from the mix of materials such as leather, satin, fur, and velvet he offers monochromatic looks. One of my favorites is the one Gigi Hadid wore, red over red. I also liked a series of evening gowns with chains, especially one with Swarovski crystals that reaffirms this trend which we also saw in the YSL boots and Givenchy collection.
I love the accessories! Especially the fur hats which form an important part in this collection because they give it that touch of chicness.

Despite it being a simple collection, as far as silhouettes go, the materials used give it that fun and innovative touch. Velvet and sparkles are definitely in.
These are some of my favorite looks.

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