In a diffuser or the bathtub, or on the palms of your hands, essential oils are a great way to regain balance and have a reset moment. 

We know that smell has a direct impact on our moods. A certain aroma can trigger comforting feelings and give us a feeling of balance. This is because, as aromas move through the nose, they activate our olfactory system and stimulate the areas of the brain that process feelings, emotions and memories, such as the amygdala and the hippocampus (in charge of memory). In this post, I’ll talk about essential oils and how they work to activate these feelings and emotions and modify your mood. There are several ways to apply them, but the most common ways are with the diffuser, via a cream or by rubbing them in the palms of your hands and then smelling them. You can also massage them into specific points on your the body such as the feet, chest and neck.

Young Woman Getting Foot Massage

The three general states that we can achieve through aromas are: energized, calm and balanced–obviously with a lot of variability in between. For example, citrus and peppermint oils are primarily used to help create a restful mood. Just a little sniff of orange with mint is enough to animate your mind and body.

For an energy boost, there is nothing grapefruit oil. Its fresh aroma brings up your mood. In addition, it also has antioxidant properties that benefit the body. Adding 10 drops to the diffuser is enough for you to start experiencing all its benefits. Another way to use it is to add a couple of drops to your favorite scrub and give your skincare routine a boost. If you are looking to energize your mood, bergamot oil reduces anxiety and helps you focus on your tasks. Another oil I love for concentration is mint, which activates our memory and helps us function more clearly.

Lavender can bring the mind and body into a calmer state and promote better sleep. Eucalyptus is also an ally when it comes to calming us down and is widely used in spas because of that. Another essential oil that I love is ylang-ylang, which, thanks to its floral aroma, increases a feeling of well-being and calm. These aromas connect us with nature and help us stay grounded and decompress.

Earthy essential oils help us feel centered and rejuvenated at the same time. Woody aromas bring us into a calm state of mind and take us from the chaos of daily life. The fresh aroma of fir oil gives us a restorative dose of nature at any time of the day, while rosemary oil gets us in balance due thanks to its therapeutic benefits.



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