Definitively this was no ordinary Couture Fashion Show, there were no catwalks, no customers, editors, celebrities or stylists gathered at one venue, instead we were transported to a fairytale garden and we were able to see mermaids, nymphs, fairies and a magical trunk that looked like Dior’s Avenue Montaigne headquarters, and inside this trunk the most amazing pieces scaled-down to look like a doll’s size, but as detailed as any other model-size gown, as we all could see at the beginning of the short movie, titled (very aptly I think) Le Mythe Dior.

What can I say? Dior’s always been one of my favorite brands and I’ve always enjoyed their shows in past fashion weeks and I need to tell you this show, as completely different as it was, was not the exception and I’m actually excited with the collection and the way it was showed.

The film was inspired by the “Théâtre de la Mode” that was an exhibition during 1945 were designers decided to show the most beautiful and detailed representation of fashion splendor, “perfection in miniature” using 1:3 mannequins instead of real women. This exhibition was a way to show the world what the designers and their ateliers were capable of in order to reignite an industry so damaged by World War II. And precisely that spirit is what you can see in Maria Grazia’s interview, I particularly loved to hear her say that she was excited by this new way to work with couture, excited to find all the new and different possibilities that were there waiting to be discovered, to keep the same emotion as attending the actual show. And I must say Dior did it!

For this collection, she was inspired and influenced by Surrealist authors like Lee Miller (photographer), Dora Maar (photographer) Leonora Carrington (painter) and Jacqueline Lamba (painter), all of them recognized artists in their different fields. “Surrealist images manage to make visible what is in itself invisible,” said Maria Grazia.

And we can see this influence in that certain etherealness of the pieces presented, silks and volume, embroidered tull, chiffons and laces, all these materials belonging to fairy tales and adorned with feathers and floral embroideries, completely impossible to resist, as even the mermaid picked a gown by the film’s end.

My favorite piece was this midnight blue shantung hand-pleated and fringed coat. Trivia fact: three petites mains worked for a total of 150 hours on this coat and it required 35 meters of fabric!

The magic of this online event is that you can see everything I’m describing to you! And I’d really recommend you to watch the film, as it only takes 10 minutes, and its beauty is really something worth seeing, you can go to and watch it and once you finish watching it and reading the information that you’ll find there, why don’t you tell me what you think about it?


Sira Pevida

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