Time for friendly match, just to have some fun and hang out. Tennis is one of the most stylish sports out there, so show up with an “ace” of a look.

Dear diary:

Today I went to the tennis court to play for a while. This is one of my favorite sports, and I’m actually pretty good at it, too! Since its invention in 1865, the sport has attracted many players and fans; each match is like an elegant dance between two players. Each stroke of the racket and step on the court must be perfectly coordinated, like in ballet. It is no wonder that tennis is one of the favorite games of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. Celebrities like David Beckham, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Emma Watson are regular Wimbledon attendees, and Anna Wintour never misses a Roger Federer match during the US Open.

Tennis isn’t just about the sportsmanship on the court; it’s also about fashion. That’s why you’ve got to look good when you show up to a match, whether you’ll be playing or sitting on the sidelines. This time, I went with a Dior total look, consisting of jacket with a Dior Oblique motif, a navy and nude Dioriviera bralette, technical cotton culottes, a pair of Christian Dior logo socks, and my favorite Dior-ID sneakers. This is undoubtedly an outfit that makes me feel strong on the court; it gives me the confidence to face my opponent and the energy to respond to each serve.

Once the game was over, I changed into a white dress with cut-out details that create the illusion of tiles and some canary yellow leather flat mules with Roman Studs, both from Valentino. This is a look that I love for after a game; white is a nice, calming color after a high-energy match on the court, and sandals are a great way to rest your feet after all that running!

Whether you, too, love watching tennis or getting down on the court and playing, these two looks will help you take game, set, and match.

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