Today at 3:00 pm Milano’s time, I saw Fendi’s spring/summer’s collection in the first day of Milano Fashion Week. The show was held in a semi-presential modality following all the sanitary precautions during this pandemic, in an effort to reactivate the fashion industry, that has been badly affected.

The catwalk simulated the effect of drape’s shadows on bay windows that allowed glimpses of trees moved by the wind at dusk, in beautiful and evocative white and gray tones. And with this very whimsical background we were able to appreciate the new tendencies for next season: earth tones, very discreet prints, a mix of leather and vaporous fabrics with lots of transparencies and textures that create a half-bare skin, gradients in leather textures and fabrics in solid colors.

We also saw oversized silhouettes, military inspiration in dresses, skirts and jackets with extra-large buttons and very pronounced shoulder in the jackets, and leather coats that can be used also as midi dresses. We could also see pronounced sleeve openings that gave every piece a sense of movement and that I think will be a trend to follow.

Other think that I also liked a lot were the accessories, the bags were generally very structured with a mixture of different textiles and transparencies, but my favorite ones were the net and grid textures that seem to scream “summer” every time we wear one of these bags. 

And did you see those gorgeous tights? They looked spectacular with the embroidered double F badge and with vibrant pastel tones that matched the shoes’ colors, the nude’s ones looked gorgeous too and I guess next summer a lot of us will be wearing them!

One of the things that I absolutely loved of this show, besides the amazing pieces and the whole collection’s aesthetics, was the model’s diversity in the catwalk, not only in age but also in size. We were able to see curvy models looking absolutely gorgeous and fierce and older than average models also looking like queens. And I think that this is a very powerful message: fashion is for everyone, no matter your age, your clothes’ size or your skin color, every woman should be able to choose whatever pieces reflect her inner selves and make her feel gorgeous!

So, here are some of my favorite looks for this collection:

What about you? Which pieces you liked the best and are dying to have as soon as possible? I’ll keep you all posted of more shows soon!


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