A universe of classic elegance expressed through timeless garments. Ferragamo presented its Spring 22 collection, in which the Italian heritage of the brand came to life in beautiful garments.

Seeing as this Italian brand still has no creative director at the head of its team in the atelier, the pieces are being collectively designed by the internal team. But, this has not affected the expertise and creativity behind Ferragamo’s collections; in fact, we are witnessing a new era for the brand. Paul Andrew gave Ferragamo an avant-garde aesthetic in which the brand’s legacy was reinterpreted for new generations. Now, after his departure, the brand is evolving into a world in which casual but elegant Italian style comes to life in timeless pieces. For its Spring 22 collection, Ferragamo asks us to look to the past, bringing back classic garments that have amodern twist that makes them perfect for today’s aesthetics.

With columns of mirrors and a soft pinkish lighting, the brand created the perfect environment in which to present the pieces of its new collection. Each look was a flash of 1960s Italian glamor: caftans, knitwear, flowing maxi dresses, and suede jackets. The models seemed to have just come from filming at the Cinecittà studios. The collection had that unique Italian quality of being simple but at the same time chic–comfortable pieces transformed into timeless ones, creating an image of perfection that is very difficult to achieve. The Italian philosophies of “la dolce vita” and “la bella figura” are present in this collection.

The spirit of Italy is also reflected in the clothing through the color palette. We saw neutral tones such as white and black mixed with terracotta and brown or pinks, blues, and yellows. Pale pink and vibrant orange woven pieces came down the runway alongside light blue trench coats and mustard leather garments. The collection was like a beautiful sunset in the Italian countryside. It was an exceptional vision that fit perfectly into the world of Ferragamo, seeing as the Italian spirit is an essential aspect of Ferragamo’s DNA just as Ferragamo is an essential aspect of the country’s history.

For accessories, Ferragamo gave us versatility: maxi bags perfect for everyday use and mini bracelet bags and soft leather clutches perfect for a night out. For footwear, Ferragamo gave us loafers and sandals in a rainbow of colors, the most novel of which were mesh mules in shades of orange and black, and a version of the brand’s classic moccasin in the shape of clogs.

I loved the aesthetics of each of the outfits: that Italian glamor that has always characterized the brand. We saw a modernized version of Jacqueline Kennedy’s looks an outfit that paired a black long-sleeved turtleneck with a white palazzo. Ferragamo topped of the look with a headscarf and handbag with a honey-toned handle, a necklace with ancestral patters, and a pair of black fishnet mules. An instant classic! Another look that caught my attention was the outfit that combined a black fishnet top with a flowing nude silk skirt and clogs that were an homage to the brand’s iconic moccasin. Refined sensuality at its best.

Ferragamo’s Spring 22 collection was a display of the brand’s Italian heritage. We saw classics renewed through different modern twists. The collection walks the line between comfort and style, full of versatile garments that thanks to their timeless design are sure to become wardrobe staples. Ferragamo’s Spring 22 collection brings back all the Italian spirit of effortless elegance!



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