A few days ago I made a tutorial for my YouTube channel for foxy eyes, and let me tell you I loved the results and had so much fun recording it! If you haven’t seen it, go here and watch it! However I know it’s a little bit lengthy because we talked about skin prep, and the rest of the look, so here I want to focus just on the foxy eyes, so in case you’re in a hurry, you can get right to it!

The first step is to wear a clear concealer and apply it to your eyelids, be sure to blend it with a brush or beauty blender

Then we need to seal what we did with translucent powder and you can use the same beauty blender we used for the concealer. And then we go to the main step and the look’s star: the eyeshadows.

It is important to remember that we want to have a cat eyed look, so we need to apply the medium shade of our eyeshadow palette through the crease and elongating up and out towards the temple. With that same color we delineate the upper lashes 

Use a darker shadow ans apply it on the outer corner (if you want to know how best blend it al, go to min 27:55 so you can see the right technique) and then use it just in the inner corner, and leave the middle without this eyeshadow. And then comes the eyeliner, remember to make a ver fine line and then blend it too, it needs to be a fine line so when you blend it doesn’t turn into a smoky eye, so it doesn’t look too harsh. Whlie you’re blending it, take it to the outer corner. Use the eyeliner on the upper waterline to make your eyes look deeper.

And on with your lashes! Curl your lashes, apply a light coat of mascara and use false lashes. The main tip is to apply them in the eye’s outer corner. Finally you can apply a small amount of glitter in the eyelid’s center.

If you want to keep seeing the complete look, you can check it out in my YouTube channel after minute 45:34. And you can also find all the products we used there in the description box!

So, what do you think? I’d love for you to try out this tutorial and post your results. I make all these tutorials for you and I really want to know if they’re helping you. I also want to know what other tutorial I might make that you’re interested in, what do you want to see? Don’t forget to send me your results for this look!



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