Last week was the Mercedes Benz Fashion Mexico. I was given the opportunity to model for the 2019 Fall collection show of Mexican designer, Benito Santos.
The show took place at Fronton Mexico. It was a one of a kind experience from the fittings, rehearsals, make up, hair, to being on the catwalk.

Benito Santos is originally from Morelos. He studied medicine at first and then he studied fashion design in Guadalajara.
He is known for his evening gowns which are elegant, feminine, and his special handmade embroidery technique. Modeling for him was a very special experience for me because I opened and closed his fashion show.

The show started with a short film of Benito making the pieces for this collection while a talented violinist played live to harmonize the event. I opened the show by wearing a pink feather dress along with a small round handbag and a pair of open toe heels in color nude. This proposal is based on different shades of pink designed with fringes, glitters, sequins and bows all combined with each other which make the garments stand out.

But not only that! I also closed the show, together with Benito and Mariana Zaragoza, by wearing a pencil shape dress also in pink and tight at the waist with a huge bow and pink feathers that went down from my knees to my calves. The collection is flawless, beautiful, very feminine, and full of color. It will be, without a doubt, a very successful collection.

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