So far, I think we’ve been seeing a certain “return to the origins” of all the brands that have been participating in this Fall 2020 Couture, and Giambattista Valli’s show was no exception to this trend, returning to its essence and presenting what seemed endless yards of tulles and chiffons, in a show dedicated to “La Ville Lumiere” or The City of Light: Paris itself!

One of the things that I liked the most about this show, was the mix between closeups of his creations and shots from his Iphone that let you lose yourself in the mini film and the beautiful dresses that have become the new fantasy for a lot of us, as they frame an hyper feminine silhouette. And being completely honest, what woman doesn’t love to let that hyper feminine side of her go out and play from time to time? And that’s exactly what Valli’s show seemed to me: an invitation to embrace the exuberance of our very feminine side. “In the horror of what we’re passing through, there was beauty blooming at the same time,” the designer said, and through his collection, he has invited us all to celebrate beauty and why not? life itself. 

My two favorite looks? This white creation that seems made of a piece of cotton candy that is absolutely gorgeous and this pink one, with yards and yards of tulle in a sweeping waterfall skirt. With any of these designs I find it difficult for any woman to feel anything but feminine and completely alluring herself!

I want to heat what you’re thinking about Fall 2020 Couture so far, what have you loved the most about this new experience? Maybe by the end of the week I’ll tell you what was my absolutely favorite thing of this season!