As many of you might know, I love working out every day, this is a part of my day’s routine that I really enjoy and I’ve been showing you here and in my Instagram, some of the routines I enjoy and give me the best results, however I know that not everybody enjoy the same workout style and I know that specially in working out, enjoyment is key in avoiding you casually “forget” all about it!

This is a powerful workout, designed to give your body that boost It sometimes requires and it is designed in circuits, so if you want to try it, remember to complete the whole circuit before starting the next one:


You’re going to repeat the next 2 exercises for 20 min without stopping, and this is important, once your 20 minutes end, you get to rest for 2 minutes (yes, only two minutes) and start the second circuit.

1.    With a Slam Ball or a medicine ball of 20 lbs aprox, step on the bench 15 times with each leg (30 times in total)

2.    Continue with 12 squat presses with each arm (24 in total)

3.    Next do 20 shoulder presses

Breath, hydrate, take 2 minutes to rest and go for the second circuit!


As with the first circuit, you’re going to repeat these exercises during 20 minutes without stopping:

1.    15 reps of butterfly squats

2.    15 push up presses.

3.    10 burpees

4.    20 kicks to the workout sandbag

Once you finish your second circuit, you’re done! Remember to hydrate yourself as it’s super important that you take good care of yourself, as you’re doing these workouts to take care of yourself and give your body what it needs to stay healthy and in to be the best version of itself!

Here I’ll list you the gear I’d recommend for this super workout:

* As you all know, I only recommend products I’d use myself, so this post contains affiliate links, that means if you use them to make a purchase I may receive a commission from that sale.

Click on the image

Click on the image

Click on the image

Click on the image

Click on the image

WRECK BAG (an option without sand)
Click on the image

An finally, as I’ll always recommend you, check with your doctor first if you’re not sure if this workout is for you or have any concern or doubt about the exercises, stretch and warm up before ANY workout (hereI have some warm up exercises you can try) and cool off once you’re done with your workout, take a shower after that and you’re ready to go on with your day!

What other kind of workouts would you like me to show you? Is there anything in particular you’d like to see and learn? Let me know!



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