I’m sure you’ll love these activities for the kids…from picnics in the park to recharging sessions at the spa! Create memories for a lifetime, and enjoy quality time with the little ones in your household.

Children’s Day is approaching, so there is no better time to do a recap of activities that you can do with your children or nieces and nephews. I try to do activities with my children regularly. It’s just as important as healthy meals and a good night’s sleep. As a mother and an entrepreneur, I try to be at home as much as possible, but I often have to travel for work, so spending quality time with them is a priority for me.

Here are some activities you can do with the kids:


I know it may sound a bit routine, but it’s one of my favorites! Our shopping outings always include a meal. We go out for breakfast or lunch first, then we head to the stores. It doesn’t matter if it’s the mall or the supermarket, make it fun by letting the kids decide what to buy. You’ll see how excited they get when they can choose the ice cream or cereal themselves.

2. Bowling

This is an activity that everyone in the family will love. Bowling shoes are fun to laugh at, and you can celebrate when someone makes a strike.

3. Do a food tour

Have you ever done this? It’s super fun! The idea is to start in one place for appetizers, then move to another for the main course, and finish in a third for dessert. It gives a special twist to going out to dinner.

4.Movie night

There are many ways to watch movies and do it differently every time. You can plan an outdoor session with a projector in the backyard and put down some pillows or a tent. Another great idea is to have a Hollywood premiere night, dress up for the occasion, and make fancy snacks and drinks. Of course, popcorn is always essential!

5. Visit a museum or bookstore

Many museums offer free days, and they are worth checking out. It could be a children’s museum or another that sparks their interest. What better way to instill culture at an early age than with art and books? Libraries are the perfect place to wander the aisles, sit down with a stack of books, and then check one out.

6. Picnic in the park

Prepare your children’s favorite food and snacks, pack a blanket, a ball or a Frisbee to toss around, and you’ll have everything you need for a perfect outing! It is an activity that never fails. You can collect sticks and leaves and look for insects-

7. Go to a play, concert, or the ballet

This is a great way to introduce your kids to the arts. There are many outdoor events that children enjoy. You can plan the entire day around the even—getting ready and the having lunch or dinner beforehand. Let children decide what they want to see. At Christmas, I take my little ones to see The Nutcracker. We all love it, and it has become a tradition. Learning to enjoy and appreciate different cultural events is something I want to teach my children, and these are great ways to do it!

8. Outdoor Adventures

No matter the weather, you can enjoy a day outdoors! In the summer, you can go hiking or swimming, and in the winter, sledding or skiing. You can start kids very young with these activities. We did it, and it worked out! 

9. Sporting events

Going to a home team game is SO much fun! And the experience of being in a stadium is unforgettable. Have the kids decide what kind of game they would like to attend and dress in team colors. Don’t forget the hot dogs.

10. Help your community

Depending on what’s available in your area and your specific interests and talents, there are great ways to spend time with your kids and teach them how to serve others. You can help rake leaves from an elderly person’s lawn, volunteer at a soup kitchen, and sing or play instruments at a nursing home during the holiday season. It’s nice to teach your kids to give of their time to others.



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