Voyage OlympusDior, directed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, transported us to the Parthenon and invited us to imagine ourselves as Greek goddesses in each of its 2022 Cruise Collection garments. It was an idyllic destination that we never wanted to leave. 

It’s time to get into flight mode and start imagining ourselves in far-flung destinations like Greece. Dior is already in this mindset, and we could see that in their Cruise 2022 show. The collection was set in the Athens Panathenaic Stadium, with the temples of the Acropolis and the Parthenon peeking out from the horizon. The garments, inspired by the country itself, acted as a poem to both summer and Hellenic history’s strong relationship to fine craftsmanship. 
The looks ranged from flowing dresses in white tones to trouser suits with a very elegant nautical aesthetic. Chiuri, the creative mind behind Dior, is also the first woman in charge of the French fashion house, and she’s been infusing the brand’s latest seasons with a wave of femininity. In this collection, Chiuri set out to create garments that celebrate womanhood. In order to do so, she traveled throughout Greece, researching and learning about the contributions of women over time. She visited the Bronze Age ruins of the Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion on the island of Crete, as well as the ruins of Akrotiri in Santorini and Delphi. She did everything in her power to highlight and honor the importance of women throughout Greek history.

Each look in this collection was reminiscent of a Greek goddess walking around marble ruins. This means ultra-feminine, delicate, flowing dresses that featured strapless necklines and cropped shoulders. I totally felt like I was a Greek islands like Santorini, showing off my amazing tan in one of the contrasting pieces from this collection, full of white and neutral tones with striking touches of color. Each garment transports us to that perfect day at the sea, whether an afternoon on a sailboat or dinner and dancing.

Let’s not forget the trouser suits. These recalled Marlene Dietrich and her style that evoked both freedom and timelessness. Wide-leg pants together with an abstraction of the classic Cannage motif were a comment on the connection between heritage and modernity, not to mention uninhibited movement. I personally loved the goddess-style chiffon dresses, but I also enjoyed the outfits brought to mind tennis and fencing  Talk about the Olympic spirit! 



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