Haute Couture is a tradition in the fashion world. Some of you have been asking me a lot of questions about this and I would love to share some facts with you.

The origins of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture began with the designer Charles Fredrick Worth who was the first designer that labeled his creations and become somehow exclusive. Many of you may think that Haute Couture is only beautiful and expensive dresses, but in addition to that, they must be elaborated with high-level details such as hand-crafted and embroidery techniques as well as high quality materials.

Not everyone can join this federation. In order to present a collection in haute couture, designers and fashion houses have to fulfill certain rules:

1. They must be exclusive and create unique designs customized for clients.
2. They must have a workshop in Paris with a minimum of 13 workers and 20 technicians.
3. They must present a minimum of 50 designs each season.
4. They mustn’t ever create more than ten equal pieces.
5. Each of these pieces must take about 800 hours of work.
6. They must be announced by the Paris Chamber of Commerce of Industry.

Therefore, the designers that accomplish all the rules are able to present their collections twice a year, in January for Spring / Summer and in July for Fall / Winter. But that’s not it, there are hierarchies for the designers: there are Official Member Designers, Correspondents, and Guests.

But, why is all this information important? Well, from my point of view, it’s a way of preserving fashion traditions and creating special and unique pieces. It’s amazing all the hardwork and high level these pieces are made of as well as the materials used. I love attending these shows and also the re-sees because I get to touch and to see all the little details of the pieces up close. High fashion clothes are undoubtley master pieces that have to be seen by the world. 

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