The Parisian brand gave us an elegant and modern Spring 22 collection. Hermès has created timeless luxury with a mix of textiles and silhouettes for the modern woman. 

Behind Hermès is Nadége Vanhee-Cybulski, the designer who has managed to give the brand a modern, fresh vision. All the classic elements of the brand have been translated into unexpected designs that celebrate the heritage of the brand while creating an avant-garde aesthetic that propels Hermès into a universe beyond trends. Hermès’ garments are timeless and imbued with a sense classic elegance that will never go out of style.

Before we get into the collection, we must talk about the location and experience of the runway. Nadége Vanhee-Cybulski chose a hangar located at Paris-Le Bourget Airport. There, we found mobile panels painted by Flora Moscovici in orange and yellow hues, reminiscent of a sunset in the countryside. These panels created the illusion of being outdoors even though we were inside the hangar. It gave off a feeling of freedom in a closed space, and I think this is a metaphor for the times and what we all want: to return to normal and get out of this difficult situation. The canvases glided along as the show progressed, creating the perfect choreography to frame Nadége Vanhee-Cybulski’s beautiful Hermès Spring 22 collection in an orange glow.

The collection was a breath of fresh air! The garments were relaxed and loose-fitting, ideal for freedom and movement. We saw strapless dresses, jumpsuits, crop tops, and baggy pants. Hermès has taken street trends and elevated them into elegant looks worthy of the exclusive luxury tier of the brand. In the most Hermès way possible, leather was transformed into airy garments that, instead of being restrictive, were freeing. The collection was also influenced by sportswear and activewear, which we saw in athletic tops, boxer shorts, and bomber jackets. A new approach to comfort and luxury, the Spring 22 collection was the perfect combination of these two opposing worlds.

The color palette Hermès decided to use in this collection mimics sunrise and sunset. Magical shades of orange, yellow, and black and white shadows came to life in the collection’s garments. And just like a day in the countryside, the collection progressed from sunrise to sunset throughout the course of the looks.

Among the outfits that most caught my eye was the sports bra combined with the slit skirt and a matching coat, all in a melon-colored plaid. It was classic, demure look that is subtly elegant and effortless at the same time. I also liked the athletic top with baggy pants and bomber jacket: a great neutral look that is both comfortable and convenient. Finally, I loved the sand-colored minidress with bronze leather details–a garment that is true to Hermès’ DNA but is at the same time modern.

Hermès is always exceptional when it comes to accessories. This time around, we saw two knew minimalist bags with a sense of utilitarianism both elegant and refined. My favorite was the square mini bag with silver hardware. For shoes, Hermès gave us comfort: leather platform sandals in white, coffee, and black. The twist that made these pieces particularly interesting is that you can combine the sandals with leather socks in the same color, creating the illusion of a boot. This really demonstrated the versatility of the brand and the idea that you have to go beyond first impressions to truly understand an image.

To close the show, Hermès opened the hangar doors right as a plane was making a coordinated landing, a moment that announced our arrival in a new world in which the brand wants us to dress optimistically and freely. Hermès invites us to fly and simply enjoy the good things in life.



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