These divas defined a generation. Their makeup is the perfect reference for timeless beauty looks. It’s time to get inspired by Hollywood legends.

Each of these women was a true legend. Men worshiped them and women wanted to be them. Through their films, they managed to define beauty standards across the globe. Each of them inspired thousands of women to mimic their style: their way of dressing, putting on makeup, combing their hair, and acting. Even today, these iconic women inspire us.

Sophia Loren

This Italian beauty is one of the most imposing women in the world; her style and personality make her an inspiration. At 86, Loren believes that beauty is internal and that our exterior appearance reflects that feeling. Her characteristic look combines voluptuous lashes, cat eyes, and striking shades of lipstick. It is elegance, rebellion, and sensuality. She’s a diva in every sense of the word, and she shows us that the most important thing is to feel comfortable in our skin.

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María Callas

This American-born Greek soprano broke the mold of conventional beauty. Her unique features gave her a sense of singularity that managed to make her one of the most enigmatic and elegant women of her time. Her perfectly lined eyebrows and eyes created a dramatic beauty look that has inspired performers like Adele and Amy Winehouse. Her influence has gone way beyond the world of opera.

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Marilyn Monroe

Everyone is familiar with this famous actress. Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol that crossed generational boundaries. Her on-screen characters continue to define sexiness to this day. Her look consisting of vibrant red lips, lush lashes, and radiant skin was spectacular. This makeup style is timeless and perfect for day or night, both flirty and romantic.

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Elizabeth Taylor

One of the most iconic and talented women in Hollywood, Elizabeth became a muse for designers and won hearts through her acclaimed performances. Like her roles, her beauty looks were constantly shifting, each of them showing a different side of her. Taylor became the epitome of Hollywood glamour with her intense crimson lips, defined brows, big lashes, quirky eye-shadows, and black eyeliner.

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Audrey Hepburn

Perfection is the only word we can use to describe this actress. She’s one of history’s biggest stars who not only proved to be immensely talent but also have a unique sense of style. She was one of the most iconic beauties not only of her era but of all time. Her beauty look was simple, a true example of understated chic elegance. With perfectly plucked eyebrows, a bit of eyeliner, and a touch of color on the lips, the Hepburn look is an infallible, replicable everyday look.

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These Hollywood legends won us over with their impressive talent, but at the same time captivated us with their enigmatic beauty. These are true sources of inspiration on what it means to be elegant, sensual, and glamorous. Each of their makeup styles is truly timeless and the perfect inspiration for the upcoming season.



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