Last day of Milan´s fashion week was insane due to the coronavirus, it was a pity that many events were cancelled among them Giorgio Armani’s show. However we all agreed that health and safety issues are of the utmost importance and as unexpected as that experience was, I’m sure that all the people from Italy and specially those in the Lombardy region, will get through this.

Hugo Boss decided to present his show and it was completely spectacular. It’s very exciting to see the trends that are coming for the season and the strongest ones are fringes literally everywhere! And Boss didn’t stood behind showing big bags with fringes that dragged to the floor, Ingo Wilts’s proposal included also multiple textures in fabrics, layering with the clothing, oversized blazers, fluid silk mono-color cocktails, maximized coat flaps and draped details in necks.

I really loved the long grey coat with fringes on a side, fringes give a beautiful dynamic effect in clothes as they move from one side to another. I also loved the color palette which was divided in waves of total color looks such as navy blue, black, beige, an amazing bright orange that made the collection stand out. And what about that purple light that matched the runway? All these elements, along with the perfect ambience provided by the live orchestra, made this a memorable show.

Every time I think of Hugo Boss, I think about a classic and elegant style, very suited for days at the office. And this season I’m surprised about the color proposals in which they added purple to total men’s looks.

I think is innovative the way Wilts took exercise clothes as an inspiration and created more formal looks as the two piece suit with short pants. If this show made something completely clear for me is that fashion is all about transitions but always preserving the brand’s essence and once again Boss nailed it!

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