David Bowie has been named the most iconic British artist and in honor of the man, the legend, let’s see how to make outfits inspired by his fabulous style!

David Bowie is, without a doubt, a must in my playlists. Whether it’s for workout or to listen to while I work, I like to keep him close. His voice and beats put me in the right mood. That’s why, when I found out that Sky Arts had put him at number one on their list of the most influential British artists of the last fifty years, above others like Elton John or the Spice Girls (who I also love), I knew I needed to make a shopping list inspired by the Starman, by Ziggy Stardust, by Bowie.

I’d like to point out that David wasn’t named the most influential artist in all of England solely for his music; his contribution to film and, of course, fashion was also noted! Throughout his career, The Thin White Duke demonstrated exquisite taste  wearing bright colors, psychedelic prints and androgynous silhouettes, combined with a very particular love of suits, which ranged from the classic black tie to the office suit. In his wide-ranging exploration of style, David Bowie lived up to his nickname, the Chameleon of Rock, moving from tight jumpsuits to baggy pants, tunics, fur coats, color block, striped patterns and exaggerated figures. If it existed, Bowie wore it, whether bold or demure, and it looked great on him.

For this shopping cart, I took inspiration mainly from the Bowie of the 70s and 80s, adapting it to the latest trends, so you’ll find things like this amazing Emilio Pucci swimsuit super colorful and with a hippie chic vibe, or this denim jacket from Mugler with a silhouette full of curves and shoulders that reminds us of some of the looks of the British; I would also like to highlight this black crop top with pink feathers in the style of Ziggy Stardust, or these animal print shoes in black and yellow by Amina Muaddi. How about this psychedelic skirt by Alex Perry, or this long cardigan with fur around the neck, by Saint Laurent? For a Glass Spider tour style reinterpretation of that iconic bright red suit, how about this Norma Kamali skirt with this Alex Perry bralette, to pair with this Dries Van Noten leopard blazer. And, I don’t know about you, but, in my mind, blue is strongly associated with Bowie, that’s why I wanted to include this skirt with flared pants that looks spectacular to get into a seventies mood.

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