To turn a house into the perfect home, you’ll need a critical and creative eye. Here are some of the world’s best interior designers to inspire you.

Our homes are the way we present ourselves to the world; they are a reflection of our personality and style. Interior designers play a critical role in creating balance in a space and making it look good. A space can be transformed with the right decoration; you can make a small room look more spacious or one with low lighting shine. Whether furniture or little details such as candles, cushions, and lamps, everything must coexist correctly.

Every room in our house is a blank canvas for our creativity. There are no limitations; each space is a unique opportunity to reflect our style. Through interior design, we can transform a house into a space we feel at home in. When decorating, each room should be treated as a separate entity, but there should be a common language and style throughout the home. This might sound difficult to achieve, but if we find the right inspiration, it’s actually a very fun task.

Each of the interior designers on this list has incredible style. They should definitely be on your radar if you like interior design.

Debbi Knowles

This English designer turns each of her projects into spaces that reflect the personality of their owners, but at the same time manages to capture the essence the surroundings. Whether colorful children’s rooms, modern cottages in the British countryside, and classic country houses, there is no project she can’t handle.

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Jean-Louis Deniot

This French interior designer has an aesthetic somewhere between modernity and tradition. Combining classic with modern elements, he doesn’t just follow trends; he creates timeless designs. He brings spaces to life in a daring, elegant, luxurious way that is also comfortable and cozy.

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Olga Hanono

This Mexican designer has been working for the last 21 years to bring people’s personal style into their spaces. She takes inspiration from her travels and her passion for art, and the result is a unique design aesthetic, in which the combination of textures and materials generates an unexpected contrast.

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Nate Berkus

In 1995, this designer founded his firm and quickly captured the attention of the interior design world. With a contemporary vision, he manages to create unique, fresh environments. Using colorful accents and patterns on chairs, rugs, art, and decorative elements, he creates focal points that naturally attract attention within a room.

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Mathew Williamson

This fashion designer turned interior designer has been crowned one of the best not only in the UK but in the world. He has a critical eye for combining contrasting patterns, prints, and colors in a  space. Each design contains eclectic visuals that tell a story of the owners and their home.

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Sarah Delaney

This designer’s style is exquisite.  One of her outstanding qualities is her ability to use antiques in modern spaces for a singular and timeless aesthetic. For Delaney, the most important thing when designing and creating a space is listening to each of her clients and transforming their dreams into reality.

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Eric Kuster

His designs reflect classic opulence. For this Dutch interior designer, each space must be approached differently. The interior design for any location should be a reflection of the environment and its natural surroundings. Whether London, the Caribbean, or Thailand, this creative mind has designed perfect spaces around the world.

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Before decorating your home, dive into different Instagram accounts and get to know designers’ work. This will inspire you to bring out your most creative side. Each of these interior designers manage to transport their creative vibe to every projects. They are real artists that blend their personal style with that of their clients and turn houses into homes.



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