We all know Versace’s trademark in its shows has always been audacity, empowerement, excess and seduction, and in last night’s show Donatella didn’t disappoint: for the first time she decided to combine the women and men shows. She started the catwalk with male and female models in all-black outfits, and this mixing of female and male models kept us.

True to Versace’s essence, Donatella included different and excentric prints: animal, floral and metallic, all mixed together. All I could think of was about the Renaissance with all the classic chainmail and gold color. 

Although it was hard to get over the appearance of Jennifer López last season, Donatella surprised us this time with a big screen in the middle of the runway in which her laughing face appeared multiplied.

I wore a very colorful look composed by an orange tailored suit with large pants combined with a green crossbody bag and blue shoes. I wanted to reflect the Versace’ essence by wearing many colors and details, therefore, I wore a large scarf on the back of my head and a pink hat with Gianni Versace’s name on the side.