With the Oscars just around the corner, glamor is in the air. It’s time to take inspiration from all that Hollywood glam of the red carpet and get yourself a dress that wows. 

Whether you are a film buff or not, the Oscars are probably a topic of conversation for you these days, whether you’re talking about your favorite actor or actress or the nominees. For a few weeks, we all become critics and experts in the Seventh Art. But in addition to the film aspect, the Oscars are a moment for all eyes to turn to the red carpet.

 “Who are you wearing?” It is a classic red-carpet question because it is during this award show that we see impressive levels glamor and sophistication. A red carpet is the perfect source of inspiration to find that perfect dress for the wedding,  graduation, or fancy party you have to go to. And, there are endless different kinds of looks dresses with classic princess silhouettes made fro  layers and layers of tulle to body-hugging pieces and more bohemian, printed styles. Then, there are risky looks like more sculptural and avant-garde dresses.

On the red carpet, we see a bit of everything.  There are no rules except to dress with all of that sophistication, elegance, and Hollywood Glam that has characterized the city of Los Angeles. And, the Oscars are an especially important time to shine.

So, if you are looking for inspiration for your next striking look for a formal event, the Oscars red carpet is the ideal place to find it. Dare to wear one of the dresses on this list, and I’m sure you’ll look radiant. All of these garments are full of opulence, charm, and beauty.

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