Tod’s has become the synonym of Italian style and quality. But since Walter Chiapponi was appointed creative director of the house, we have seen an Italian rebirth that is slowly flourishing.

In its third collection for Tod’s, we are seeing the direction and mission that Mr. Chiapponi has, introducing into the brand’s DNA new elements of femininity. Something we can see clearly reflected in the In a MomenT film, where we see a woman with different faces, different ideas and aspects to their personality and feelings… a complex woman. This is who Walter Chiapponi is speaking to with the new Tod’s.

 When I was watching the digital presentation, I had the slightly déjà vu to Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film Inception, not because of the movie’s similarities in light or story but in the idea, a woman like in the film has a whole world inside, and the way we can reflect this intricacy is through clothes.

We can be wearing a beautiful baby blue leather puffer paired with a midi skirt and high heel loafers one day and the next day choose a black organza shirt dress with a pleated skirt sinched with a slim belt to create a more feminine look. Both looks seem like polar opposites but in reality, they could be closer together if you consider human emotion into the equation. Sometimes I feel cheerful and love to dress up and stand out but, in a week, I may feel demurer and just to be a wallflower.

Even with all the new design aesthetics, that infuse the brand with a new sensuality, we can see the Italian house DNA through their mastery of accessories, and their forte in shoe making. I love how they are betting on comfort yet chic kitten heel shoes or gorgeous high heel loafers, clearly thinking on the everyday gal that likes looking good and feeling good. For the bags we see functionality and design, love the smooth and buttery leather in the oversize hobo bags. Perfect for all the things I carry while running in the city, if you are a mom like me!

I think this is the whole idea behind what is happening with Tod’s, mainly a brand well known for their casual-chic elegance and timeless everyday clothes, is slowly adding more layers of complexity like feminine silhouettes with pussy bow blouses or fitted leather midi coats. Just like a young girl’s journey into adulthood, we are seeing the flourishing of what will become timeless fashion house and It girls favorite.

I can assure that next season my closet will be full of deep blue coats in wool, oversize power suits, leather puffer jackets and organza shirts, courtesy of Tod’s!