Working out is a very important part of my routine every day, and not only because it’s a healthy habit (but it is indeed a very important part of my selfcare routine, and I’ll talk to you about that later in another post), but also because working out allows me to focus on my body and what it requires and at the same time, while I’m working out I get to really appreciate what my body does daily even when I don’t fully appreciate it.

Some of you have been asking me to post workout routines you can do, and you can find one here by the way, and today besides giving you a workout routine I constantly do, I also wanted to help you make the most of the workout you decide to follow. 

During all the time I’ve been working out, I’ve learned that as woman, your aim should be to “sculpt” your body instead of trying to change its shape. And what do I mean by “sculpting”? Building muscle while reducing body fat, so said muscle actually shows! And what is the best way to build muscle? Through weight training. Simple as that. And by the way, thinking that lifting weights is going to make you look bulky  is just a myth as building muscles is kind of hard, even for men. 

Another myth is that you have to spend two hours working out every day so you can see results when in fact a training of 45-60 min a day would be what your body requires. Of course it takes discipline, time and dedication, but you can see the time you spend working out, as an investment in yourself. You can alternate different kinds of training, sometimes you can do weight training, other times you can do yoga or decide to take a run (in the treadmill during this extended quarantine, sorry) or even dance. As I’ve said before, do what you enjoy and helps you keep being motivated to work out, but at the same time, push your own limits and don’t settle in a comfortable routine that isn’t helping your body anymore.

So, here’s a very simple routine I’ve made for you that will help you kick start your workouts, please before trying it out, check with your doctor if it’s safe for you.

This routine has 3 sets you must repeat for 10 mins:

1.    20 squats holding a kettlebell with one hand behind your back, above your head (see the video) Please be careful to use a kettlebell you can handle without hurting yourself.

2.    20 reps of bank jumps.

3.    50 rope jumps.

4.    After you complete a circuit, start another one and end it as soon as you finish your 10 min. Take a breath, hydrate and start the next 10 min circuit until you finish your 3 sets.

Sounds easy, right? All I can tell you is that this circuit will challenge you in some or another way. Here’s some gear’s recommendations for this workout:Kettlebells. I like these ones because they let you choose the weight and you can increase it over time, and I also like that they come with a rack

Click on the image

Jumping Rope. I like this one because you can switch between light and heavy ropes and also has an app with more workouts.

Click on the image

As you all know, I only recommend products I’d use myself, so this post contains affiliate links, that means if you use them to make a purchase I may receive a comission from that sale.


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