My first show I enjoyed for fashion week in Milan was Gucci and, as you all know, catwalks are an amazing event. In this opportunity, they started to get us into a gothic and mysterious mood right from the start using a paper mache mask which represented an hermaphrodite.

Alessandro created a collection which integrates gender and race where many textures are mixed such as fur, lace, and sequence. No doubt, there were a lot of details that impressed me starting with the different colors and shapes of the masks that covered the models’ faces giving them an androgynous look, the dirty washed labels exposed on the outside of the jackets and high pants gives them a more casual look, and the jewelry collaboration by Eduardo Costas that definitely caught everyone’s attention because they covered a great part of the face or ears.

It’s a collection full of color and texture. I love the oversized silhouettes and the seventies mini skirts with that retro look and the pants and jumpsuits, too. The way he combines masculine suit jackets and ties with mini skirts looks very promising due to the fact that he creates unisex looks and reinvents the classic one. I love the idea of giving the classic look a twist and making it fun!
The entire venue had black walls and ceilings covered with small intense lights that barely let us observe the garments.
Dressed in Gucci, I chose a colorful outfit using a plaid mini skirt and a loose blouse with lots of movement, a yellow jacket, and of course, high heels with orange socks.

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