What better way to celebrate Mexico than with a post about local designers? Here’s a perfect excuse to reinvent our style and celebrate our identity.

Including more garments from Mexican designers in our wardrobes is a great place to start when we want to consume locally, support the national fashion industry, and get some style points. Mexican fashion has a little bit of everything: from elegant, minimalist lines to designs for those who like to take risks. If you don’t know where to start, here are the names of some of the top designers of the moment–both established and emerging–whose creations will elevate your looks, for sure.

To start, we have Abel López, a top emerging designers from Guadalajara. His minimalist pieces take inspiration from Japanese theater (Kabuki) and local textiles. His most wearable garments are midi skirts, blazers, and trench-type dresses–all with a strong dose of sophistication. Among his famous clientele are Karla Souza and Aislinn Derbez.

Another designer I love is Cynthia Büttenklepper. Her designs are ideal for practical women who are looking for versatile garments, but who like a touch of elegance and sexiness. Her creations stand out for being minimalist with precise cut-outs that reveal just a hint of skin. She uses a lot of leather and leans toward monochrome palettes in asymmetrical dresses, jumpsuits, and power suits that are perfect for both daytime and night.

CDMX, Frontón México -MBFW-BUTTENKLEPPER- Abril 18, MV, Suplementos, el Universal, Fotos Jorge Gutiérrez Abreu, Personajes: Desfile BUTTENKLEPPER

The next designer up is one you’ve already seen me wearing and whenever I do, it’s a success. Benito Santos takes us to a dreamland: ultra-feminine, glamorous, and full of personality. He uses balloon sleeves and V-necks, and doesn’t skimp on embellishments, fabrics, and interesting textures. His pieces are recognizable because of their use of lace, ruffles, sequins, embroidery, and even feathers! You’re sure to be the queen of any event in one of his looks. 

Armando Takeda is another designer I personally adore. Takeda proves that tradition and street style can be blended harmoniously into striking looks. For his collections, he collaborates a lot with artisans to achieve unique details. He uses natural fibers and fluid fabrics that contrast with edgy materials. His Asian and Mexican roots inform his creativity, which we see year after year at Fashion Week Mexico.

This brand represents a new era is Yakampot clothing, reinvented by creative director Huguette Hubard without losing its essence that’s deeply rooted in Mexican crafts. Colectiva Concepción offers an expert, modern version of traditional dresses and frayed blouses that will become timeless favorites thanks to their ease and comfort. Pleated blouses and hand-embroidered skirts are the perfect way to highlight our identity in a stylish way.

Finally, one of my longtime favorites: Lorena Saravia. One of the things that characterizes her work is the use of neutral palettes with a pop of color. Her feminine garments stand out for their cut-outs and clean, architectural silhouettes. Saravia is the perfect option when you want to look effortlessly chic. 

Whichever designer you like best, rest assured that you are getting quality pieces made with a lot of creativity and local talent. I encourage you to take risks and try out creations by Mexican designers, not only when there’s a national holiday, but year round! I’d love to hear your thoughts and see how you style these local looks.



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