Today we saw the understated and elegant Fall 22 collection by Max Mara. Ian Griffiths, Creative Director of the brand, continues to surprise us, even after 30 years.

Max Mara is one of the most elegant Italian brands. Founded in 1951 by Achille Maramotti, the brand has dedicated itself to creating an aesthetic of subtle luxury, in which discretion is the ultimate status symbol. Max Mara is one of those brands whose garments speak of opulence and don’t follow the trends. They have that famous “old money” aesthetic. Since its inception, this Italian brand sought to be one where women could find everyday garments made with the finest raw materials of the highest quality. Max Mara sought to turn each piece of the female wardrobe into a symbol of sophistication. And to this day the brand remains a favorite of the most elegant women around the world.

Ian Griffiths has been with Max Mara for over 30 years, and his understanding of the DNA of the brand and the Max Mara woman is sensational. The collections that the designer has given us embody the essence of the first designs of the brand but are updated for the moment in which we are living. Each new collection is a new chapter in Max Mara’s book—independent, but part of story that’s still being written. It’s story about an ambitious woman who seeks to create her own success. She’s an elegant woman but likes to look imposing. This woman is central to all the brand’s collections; she’s a character who has grown and matured over the years, but her essence remains the same.

For this collection, the designer was inspired by the work of the Swiss artist, Sophie Taeuber-Arp. It is not strange that the English designer turned world of art because for him, this universe is a source of infinite inspiration. Fashion and art, although different at the core, are very similar.  They seek to create something that captivates the world through beauty and aesthetics. The Swiss artist is famous for her Dadaist paintings, her geometric compositions, and her contributions to the art movement of Constructivism. We see this inspiration reflected in knit wool garments, such as the caramel turtleneck vest with black and white rectangles on the chest, or in the look that paired a blouse and skirt with a geometric print in chocolate and black tones combined with a knit balaclava with cashmere gloves and high boots. But beyond these graphic elements that refer to the works of the Swiss artist, Ian Griffiths wanted to convey the essence of her art. Sophie Taeuber-Arp gave an aura of magic and mystery to everyday objects, the same philosophy that Max Mara wants to convey with his garments. It is through cashmere coats, wool sweaters, and leather pants that Max Mara lends a veil of magic to women’s daily lives.

In the Fall 22 collection we saw different garments that are already part of the Max Mara repertoire. We saw the texture of the famous Teddy Bear Coat reimagined in garments such as skirts, dresses, blouses, and sweatpants. We saw bomber jackets paired with satin parachute pants, snowy wool jumpsuits, and long-sleeved hooded sports dresses. We also saw a new take on the carmine tailored suit from Achille Maramotti’s first collection, this time, come to life in garments like miniskirts, teddy bear sweatshirts, knit maxi dresses, and a modern take on the two-piece suit with wide pants and a military-style jacket. The outfits for this season have an air of functionality. They are garments that women can wear while doing whatever task is in front of them, but they also lend a feel of opulence while doing so. 

Max Mara, a brand that is more than 70 years old, is still one that only true fashionistas follow. It’s is a brand that continues to represent the world of Italian elegance and glamour. But the sophistication lies in that discretion that the brand does so. Max Mara has conquered the world of luxury with simplicity, as his expertise lies in making garments with sumptuous textiles and timeless designs. His garments are pieces that will last a lifetime and never go out of style. Max Mara is synonymous with timeless luxury.

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