Alessandro Michele immersed us in a world of fantasy with Gucci’s Fall 22 collection. During the third day of Milan Fashion Week, the Italian brand, once again, captivated the world’s attention.

Gucci is one of the oldest brands in Italy. Founded in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the fashion house achieved success thanks to its know-how in the world of fur and its leather bags and accessories that conquered the upper echelons of the international jet-set crowd shortly after opening its stores on the famous Via della Vigna Nuova. Throughout its history, Gucci has managed to enter the popular consciousness more than any other luxury brand. Items like bamboo handle bags, Italian leather moccasins, tricolor belts, and the interlocking G monogram are global symbols of sophistication, exclusivity, and luxury. Gucci is a brand whose legacy and heritage have given it the foundations to be the giant it is today, those foundations are elegance, sophistication and exuberance.

From its founding to the present, this Italian brand has gone through various incarnations. In the 90s, under the vision of Tom Ford, we saw a Gucci full of sensuality and garments that emanated sexuality and eroticism. Later, at the beginning of the millennium, Frida Giannini gave us a woman full of elegance and glamour, an era in which black got replaced by prints and the sensually got dialed down. In 2015, Gucci entered its most recent golden age, under the direction of Alessandro Michele. Romance replaced sensuality, and the collections were cast in a nostalgia for decades past. Each garment possesses a poetic, dreamlike quality. Alessandro Michele has woven a dream world for Gucci, one that has managed to make the whole world fall in love.

We have stepped through the looking glass into a wonderland, a world where nothing is what it seems, and reality disappears. For Alessandro, that is what mirrors represent–a world of infinite possibilities. For the creative director, a mirror is not a reflection of reality but an opportunity to dream, and it is this idea that Alessandro Michele wants to convey through Gucci’s garments. His collections are intended to be an escape into a world of fantasy.

Between reflective mirrors and flashing lights, the models walked the runway, showing the latest aria in the great opera that is Gucci. It was collection full of glamor and exuberance, with a spirit of celebration transmitted by each of the garments that we saw today in Milan. Crystal-embellished jackets, knit pieces, sequined gowns ,and sheer blouses–each of the looks was charged with that uniqueness that Alessandro has infused into the Florentine fashion brand.

The collection was full the brand’s DNA. We saw wool suits with oversized silhouettes and multicolored embroidery. There were maxi dresses in satin or silk with Edwardian and Elizabethan influences, metallic tones that gave off a disco vibe, and garments that reminded us of “Mod” fashion. We also saw the launch of the brand’s latest collaboration with the German sports brand Adidas. This new duo has resulted in a fusion of casual aesthetics, timeless design and that youthful spirit that have become synonymous with cool. The catwalk was a mix of moments in fashion history, different aesthetics fused into single looks, in one collection. Gucci has created a world in which time has stopped and we’re all at big party with tons of chic, cool people. Gucci is a celebration of life and beauty.

I loved every one of the outfits we saw on this runway, but definitely, the most memorable for me were the faux fur coat over a nude black lace bodysuit, lace stockings, and electric blue leather boots, topped off with a leather beret and maxi sunglasses. This look was full of sensuality and sophistication. I also liked the sexy faux fur outfit with red patent leather details, a black bralette illusion blouse, and leather skirt. Both showed us an intellectual, cultured woman who owns her sexuality and is not afraid to show it.

Under Alessandro Michele, each of the brand’s shows is a sensory experience that transports viewers to an alternate reality. It is in this Gucciverse that each of his creations exist–a magical place where the brand’s beautiful garments allow you to transform yourself into whoever you want to be.



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