During Milan Fashion Week French designer Matthieu Blazy debuted his first collection for Bottega Veneta. He starts a new era for the Italian brand and I must say it looks brilliant.

This season Bottega Veneta returned to Milan after a long trip around the world to present its new collection, one of the most anticipated of the season. At the end of last year, the brand shocked the world by announcing the departure of Daniel Lee and the appointment of Matthieu Blazy as its Creative Director. From that moment on, the whole world wondered: What would happen to Bottega Veneta? What would be the line of design that we will see from the brand? We were all anxious to know the answer to these questions, and today we realized that Bottega Veneta under Blazy’s vision continues with that cool, modern and chic spirit that we love so much.

Bottega Veneta is a fashion house with one of the greatest legacies in existence. It has stood out for its minimalist designs, with clean lines and discreet. A Bottega Veneta garment is something that will accompany you for a lifetime, made with the finest materials. Since its founding in 1966 it proved to be different from other fashion houses. Even its name denotes singularity, Bottega means workshop in Italian and Veneta, stands for the Veneto region in Italy. This lays the foundation for the entire DNA of the brand, because it is that same feeling of discretion that is embodied in each of the objects created by Bottega Veneta. The Italian brand is subtle luxury, classic elegance and masterful craftsmanship.

In recent years, Bottega Veneta became one of the most desired labels. Season after season they delivered bags, shoes and accessories that would become objects of desire and garments that everyone sought with fervor. It is with a modern, fresh and bold spirit that the brand conquered the new generations. But this new aesthetic did not leave behind the brand’s artisanal heritage, but rather included it in each of the designed objects. The new Fall 22 collection continues in this same universe, but with a different language. Considering that this season the brand returned to the Milan Fashion Week calendar, leaving behind the “Salon” format – which took the brand to different corners of the world, from London to Berlin and more recently Detroit – we knew that Bottega Veneta was on the threshold of a new dawn.

What we saw in the collection was a more sartorial approach to each look, such as the black wool two-piece double-breasted suit, a very classic look, but with a touch of playfulness in the form of neon orange faux fur shoes. We saw a collection full with elegant garments that possess that Bottega Veneta essence of shining without being flashy, of displaying luxury without trying too hard. The collection elevates wardrobe basics to a higher level of style – as we saw with the brown cashmere sweater outfit with a mauve leather A-Line skirt with fringes – resulting in an aesthetic of new elegance. The collection has a certain air of newness that doesn’t remind us of the past or speak to us about the future, but rather manifesting garments that are for the present, brimming with a modern relevance. Blazy’s designs have a bonus like the mini dress with paillettes and feathers in canary yellow combined with high boots in metallic green leather and gloves. This outfit has a cheerful spirit, a boldness that makes us smile. It brings glamour and shine to the person who wears it. The same spirit that is reflected in the faux fur maxi coat, elegant and avant-garde at the same time.

But we can’t talk about the brand without mentioning the accessories. Continuing with the legacy of Bottega Veneta we see how the famous leather intrecciato is embodied in boots in shades of aqua blue, pale yellow, white and bottle green. For the bags Blazy proposes a great variety: from shoulder bags, maxi handbags and the iconic mini clutch in white braided leather.

Simply spectacular, so was each of the outfits we saw in the Bottega Veneta Fall 22 collection. Today we encounter a new era at Bottega Veneta, full of sophistication. We see that the future of the Italian fashion house promises to be bright. Under the direction of Matthieu Blazy, I am sure that Bottega Veneta will continue to surprise us collection after collection.



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