The latest collection by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini screams freedom and has the rebellious charm of London in the 80’s and Parisian romanticism, presenting an absolutely free, shameless and very creative fashion show.

According to the overall aesthetic imposed last season, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini continues to be inspired in the rebellious icons from the 80’s such as Siouxsie Sioux. A key figure in London’s rock music scene, irreverent, with a bold cut and dark style. Lorenzo Serafini is still haunted by her and chooses her again as his muse for the Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 collection, which blends the romantic and sophisticated soul of the brand with a grunge and edgy touch. Although for this occasion he also finds inspiration in classic Paris and the women who have walked across it.

A new look for Philosophy that enamors with a maliciously attractive and punk style for the new season, but surely without forgetting its own DNA. The neo-romantic, feminine and fascinating aesthetic that has always conquered us has not vanished, on the contrary, it just evolved and became more rebellious, brazen and independent. Proving why the Philosophy woman is eclectic and capable of changing small details in her look, renewing herself continuously.

During this catwalk we witnessed looks that combine lingerie pieces with wool sweaters, bralettes underneath vests and nightgown dresses. Also, denim micro shorts matched with tuxedo jackets as well as skirts and spectacular dresses created entirely with interwoven rhinestone chains, these looks are completed with feather boas simulating a very Parisian cabaret aesthetic. Striped shirts and camellia brooches are clear examples of his inspiration from the City of Light.

For the fans of the brand’s iconic pieces, there is no lack of romantic shirts with ruffle collars, pure lines and knitwear with a touch of comfort. For those who prefer experimentation, leather puffer jackets, mini dresses embroidered with sequins and long fur maxi coats in daring colors. Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini is an invitation to freedom and the pleasure of being the center of attention.



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