Today I want to talk to you about Miu Miu’s collection for next spring-summer and it was the perfect mix between sexy, fresh, sporty and youthful. Starting from the choice of venue, that resembled a sports arena in a beautiful pink tone, with huge screens that showed influencers and celebrities as Chloé Sevigny watching the show, everything transmitted a very festive vibe that made this virtual fashion show an actual experience.

We were able to see over 50 different looks with bold and eclectic prints that kind of had a 70’s vibe while the cuts were totally contemporary, integrating a sportswear look with a classical elegant one: track pants, track jackets, micro skirts and tennis shoes mixed together on the runway along with structured blazers, plated skirts and some simple lined dresses and even some other dresses that gave certain prom vibes. 

This collection was completely feminine, with an angle on younger women filled with vibrant and solid colors, sparkly textures and legs as the main protagonist for next summer. I loved Miu Miu’s view for next season and I also enjoyed seeing Kate Moss’ daughter, Lila Grace Moss, opening the show, to me it was the perfect analogy of a new era in fashion, not only because of how the pandemic has changed runways and the fashion industry in general, but also because our lifestyle has changed also and we are adapting to our new environment and Miu Miu’s collection shows us that changes can look fresh and can also remind us of how young we can really feel.

These are my favorite looks, what where yours?



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