Presenting the ultimate gift guide with options that are sure to make any mother feel great on her special day. From designer bags to a spa escape, these gifts are the best way to celebrate the most important women in our lives. Happy Mother’s day! 

1. The wraparound necklace from the Tiffany and Co. Hardwear line in rose gold. This is great for moms who collect jewelry as well as memorabilia. Get it here

2. Salvatore Ferragamo’s very feminine bag inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s leading women. A luxury piece with a vintage touch that is sure to light up Mom’s face when you give it to her. Get it here

3. Moët Rosé Imperial and Moët Imperial are the perfect touch for a celebration worthy of your mom. Cheers to the queen of the house! Get it here

4. A jewel for the crown jewel of your life! Audemars Piguet has launched a new take no its classic Royal Oak design, now in platinum with green dials and emerald details. This is a gift mom will never want to take off. Get it here

5. The hot new Fendi Basket collection makes for the perfect gift. The collection includes both bags and sandals in summery colors. What’s more, they’re made from recycled PVC and other materials. Great for the most eco-friendly woman in your life! Get it here

6. An ultra-soft leather bag with a quilted finish in a beautiful pastel shade. I both want to give and receive this piece from Longchamp’s new Brioche line, which is as delicate and delectable as that bread it’s named after. Get it here

7. Zingara just launched a new swimwear line, and my favorite print is Malla Palma. It embodies the tropical vibe of Miami, and it makes me want to hit the beach or lie out by the pool. A must for mom! Get it here

8. A book is always the perfect gift. What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About by Michele Filgate is a collection of 17 stories that reveal how our relationship with our mother marks us forever. It’s an intimate exploration of what we don’t talk about with our mothers and how it affects us, for better and for worse. You can find it from Planeta in both digital and print versions. Get it here

If none of these options were just right, check out more options at



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