I truly believe that in hard times, thinking about the future is good for the mind. And right now, I pass my time not only watching movies, reading, having a good time with my family and bothering my brother Alex, but also living my passion through selection. I’ve been having a great time reviewing my favorite brand’s Spring-Summer 2020 collections, preparing the outfits I’d like to use this summer. Will you join me in this joyful adventure?

Let’s start with Fendi and its collection designed by, of course, Silvia Venturini Fendi. Silvia’s collection has sun vibes embodied all over it, melting between ultra-feminine silhouettes that I loved from beginning to end. As they describe it, their collection detaches a “new Borghese energy” through its transparencies and knitted garments, that I’d use at the beach or at a brunch with the sunset painting the sky. Flower patterns are all Fendi needed to wonder me, using colors such as pink, purple and blue matching with the well-known colors of the fashion house, yellow and brown. Choosing my musts was such a difficult task!

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Dior, of course! Do you remember the catwalk? Models wandering among that trees, with outfits that looked like they came out of fairy tales, with the perfect combination of Mother Nature’s style and the rebel touch of the 21st century. Vintage flowers were the main protagonists of this collection, breaking through a delicate blue, contrasting with camel and exchanging places with black. The hats were the perfect complement. I can clearly see myself having a picnic with my children during this Spring using them. So, which ones were my favorites?

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With classic bags in new textures and the iconic Chanel suit reinterpreted is how the French house captivated me. Virginie Viard did a splendid job capturing and shaping the essence of a Chanel girl, using classic patterns to further highlight a colorful collection. In this new installment, traditional designs met daring ones, in the form of dresses adorned with CHANEL patterns in pink, blue, black and white, styled with ankle strap sandals that I just loved! Oh, and the frills: blue, black, gray and white. The combinations were perfect. And Chanel couldn’t have chosen a better way to present its Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Somehow, the colors and pieces fit in perfectly with the landscape around. The collection said “Paris” in every look. And… My favorites!

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Do you remember when I visited the YSL museum in Morocco during my last birthday? That was something I really wanted to do, because I love Saint Laurent. So, we couldn’t leave them out of my favorite Spring-Summer 2020 collections. At the usual spot, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, Saint Laurent gifted us with a collection that Anthony Vaccarello described as an ode to the bourgeois and the bohemian. YSL represents not only a brand or a designer, but a lifestyle. The Parisian lifestyle, with all its elegance translated to black and shining tailored suits, a combination of textures like vinyl, silk or leather. Using deconstructed and sensual pieces, with baroque patterns and animal print, Saint Laurent set the standard for this season. And what I liked the most?

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And last but not least, Tom Ford. The director and fashion designer from the United States surprised us capturing the essence of New York in a simple and refined way. Solid and vivid colors shined on the catwalk; a palette difficult to describe, as the brand opted for a multiplicity of satin shades that gave a futuristic touch to this collection, where the makeup contrasted and complemented the looks, giving the necessary touches of sloppiness to the show. Inspired by the Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, Chuck Wein emerging of the subway picture, taken by Burt Glinn, and by sportswear. Tom Ford created this pieces that I love:

What do you think? Which ones were your favorites? I know there are still so  many brands to talk about. Let me know if you want a second part!

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