Starting September I decided to upload on my IG stories, all my beauty picks because I’ve been receiving some messages asking me to share with you the things I use and I’d recommend and I decided to start this new section on my IG stories. However today I want to share it here with you because I’ve received some comments asking me where you can find what I recommended, so here it is! And I’ll try to make a monthly post with all the picks I’ve shared on my IG so you can have them as reference. 

* As you all know, I only recommend products I’d use myself, so this post contains affiliate links, that means if you use them to make a purchase I may receive a commission from that sale.

  • SUPER GLOOP GLOW SCREEN: This primer not only has an SPF40 but also protects you against blue light, so if you spend your day in front of your computer this is the right product for you! It has a slight tint but will leave your face glowy and hydrated!
  • D-POLLUTION ESSENTIEL: This mist helps protect your skin against pollution and its damaging effects and I love that leaves my skin bright
  • FALSE LASH BAMBI EYE BY LOREAL. I really loved this mascara as it leaves my lashes looking long, full and healthy and because it’s waterproof, it doesn’t smudge.
  • LE BLANC DE CHANEL. What I love most about this is that kind of blurs your imperfections and illuminates your skin, it has a great texture and you can definitely see a difference when you use it.
  • VOLUMINOUS BUTTERFLY WATERPROOF MASCARA BY LOREAL. This is another great mascara from L’oreal if what you’re looking is that your lashes have more volume, it doesn’t smudge either and you can be assured your lashes are going to look gorgeous all day long
  • CHANEL CC CREAM. This CC Cream has an SPF 50 and has great coverage and last longer than some other CC creams I’ve used before
  • NUFACE NUFACE FIX LINE SMOOTHING DEVICE. I love its size and that it can reach areas like around the eyes and mouth that are harder to reach, and helps you smooth those fine lines you could see around those areas.

What do you think? If you try some of these recommendations, could you let me know how they worked for you?



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