We all have had a first time in our lives, and today was mine with Prada. It was a great experience for me (to say the least), especially because the message of this collection about how being strong and being feminine aren’t opposites but complement each other, is something I’ve always believed. As women, we can run the world while looking and feeling pretty, and that is part of the feminine strength.   

Then, as the show went by, the pieces started to appear more colorful and with more striking materials like faux-fur (as they went fur-free since their spring-summer 2020 collection), transparencies and embroidery. Lots of colors like yellow, green, purple and pink in beautiful vibrant tones. Bomber jackets, tops and pants, long dresses and long vests with fringes that moved all the way as the models walked by. The final looks were silken suits with floral prints. 

 I’m completely in love with Prada accessories: the mini bags, the colorful tights, the classy shoes and those gorgeous belts. 

My look for the show was a two-piece set of plaid skirt and blazer, I gave it the fun touch by adding a blue body with a high neck under the blazer and blue socks. For my beauty look, I chose dark eyeshadows and natural lips, and for my hair I tried something new, an extravagant crepe with Prada clips on the sides. What did you liked best of this look? 

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