This season, treat yourself to more than one bag option: a practical one that works 24/7 and a more whimsical one with shapes and crystals. 

If you follow me, you know that one of my favorite accessories are bags. I’m a huge fan! I’ve even posted some videos on You Tube where I explain how you should take care of them and what you should pay attention to when investing in designer bags. This season, let’s move past the “it bag” and shop several styles so as to not box ourselves in with just one. The new season is versatile and has styles for any  event you have. Bucket bags are no longer casual and have become ultra-sophisticated pieces, while the smaller handbags are like another piece of jewelry: only your lipstick, credit card and cell phone fit inside. Structure, portfolio-type bags are one of the season’s most elegant options for traveling or being in the city. Here are my favorites, so you can be inspired when you go to make a purchase.

Bucket bags are one of my top looks for this season-even more so if they are made of soft leather, have shiny finishes, and feature contrasting stitching. Another great option are clutches, which come in different sizes, from oversized to the mini. And speaking of XXL bags, several brands that have adopted these dimension–from Chanel to Tory Burch. Designers continue to go for large bags in durable fabrics, such as cotton, canvas, and linen. Finally, you MUST invest in a serious bag that says “business.” This accessory has roomy interiors, multiple pockets, and structured silhouettes that offer fashion and function. Happy shopping everyone!

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